Jimmy Crowley

The test of any singer is whether or not you listen to him – I have Jimmy Crowley’s ‘Jimi Mo Mhile Stor’ in the car at all times.  Liam Clancy

 For me, he embodies all that is good and true about the music in which we are involved.  Martin Carthy

Jimmy Crowley has been a central figure in the Irish folk scene since the late 1970s.  From his debut album in 1977, with his band Stokers Lodge, to the present, every album is imbued with excitement and autonomy. His songs have been used by the Irish National Television service, R.T.É and recorded by artists around the world.

Jimmy is a veteran of folk festivals, concerts,  and television in Ireland, Britain and the USA.  As Mick Molney said , “He is a consummate stage performer as well as a song writer, adding colour to his songs by weaving stories about Cork characters, maritime exploits and daily life into his act. His singing style is truly unique – nobody hearing Jimmy could possibly mistake him for anyone else.”

Jimmy Crowley is a true tradition bearer, a delightful and energizing performer,  as Dirty Linen said, “An unCorked bottle of delight overflowing with good spirits, effervescent vocals and brimfull of good bouzouki and guitar playing.”

Jimmy is available year around for festivals and concerts in the US, schedule permitting. International tour dates and more info at:  www.jimmycrowley.com

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